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Photos: Pays > Espagne > O Grove - Barcelona

From Galicia we started out towards France, all along the coast of La Coruña towards Finisterre.
On the route AC550 in La Coruña...
...we found a place to sleep in a hidden cove, next to an old whaleboat.
On the northwest point of Spain Cedeira is located. A beautiful town.
Who's the goalkeeper taking her job so seriously? (Thanks to the motorcycle club of Cedeir for the sleeping place!)
Fantastic routes can be found between Cedeira and Cariño.
San Andrés de Teixido.
Never let go of the motorcycles to take a picture with a lot of wind...!
The shattered windshield of La Garota and the broken back box of Milton were the costs of the carelessness.
Between Cedeira and Cariño...
...lies the peak of the highest cliffs of Europe.
The famous Playa de Las Catedrales, named for their enormous caves carved inside the rock.
In the province of Asturias we left the coast for a while and rode along the mountain roads...
...towards Grandas de Salime, where our friend Roberto was waiting for us.
The reservoir of Grandas de Salime. From there we continued towards Cangas del Narcea. Thank you Juan Carlos "Rebollas" for welcoming us!
Elke, happy in the bends.
In the north of the province of León...
...landscapes that you cannot stop to look at. We recommend the routes CL623, CL626 and N621...
...passing the reservoir Barrios De Luna.
You'd have to have five lives to travel so many beautiful places... many routes hidden between the mountains...
...inviting you to stop the engines and try to hold inside the unique sensation of every place.
But we have to be on our way...
...there's still a lot of road ahead.
Still on the routes of the north of León...
...the beauty of the Reservoir of Riaño invited us to camp.
We looked for a hidden place between the bushes to spend the night.
"Anybody can travel around the world like this" people would have said 100 years ago if they had seen the bridges we have today.
Riaño from the other side.
Sometimes, passing by places this beautiful is a punishment... will always want to come back. (Riaño, León)
We rode through Cantabria (N621) and reached the Peaks of Europe...
...another place otro lugar que nos deja sin palabras, y muchas ganas de volver.
There is never enough time. ...
... When you go on a small trip, you want to do a tour around the world, ...
... when you're on a tour around the world, you want to make a small trip...
... to get to know each place more profoundly.
Red? (Net?)
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
Oskar and Raymond invited us in San Sebastián to the typical cider-restaurants where you serve yourself directly from the barrels.
The last check-up of the motorcycles before leaving Spain. At the Yamaha-Dealer TCR in Sabadell.

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