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We travelled to Esfahan in the center of Iran.

We travelled to Esfahan in the center of Iran.
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by mahya - Iran - 13-Jun-2011, 06:00:06 AM

hi,that\'s really nice photo,
I live in iran in Tabriz city that\'s just near the turkye ,i suggest u if come to iran again come this city.or north of iran,because you can find more than that.
About covering of the women we can\'t do any thing if anybody don\'t cover her hair ,her punishment is usually a fine.
It\'s big problem but we can\'t even protest about it,as you know or not we have SPECIAL

;)anyway enjoy your travel.

by Gustavo - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 10-Jan-2011, 06:51:06 AM

Thank you Frashad. I corrected it.

by Frashad - Potsdam - Germany - 11-Dec-2010, 09:07:23 PM

Thank you very much for your nice photos!!
I am actually from Isfahan but live in Germany since a while.
I really got a nice feeling watching your nice pictures.
Just wanted to say Isfahan is in the center and not south of Iran.
Thank you so much again for wonderfull pics.

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