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After working at the motorcycle concentrations, we arrived in Pedrogão...
...where we ran into Helena and John, travelling on their bicycles from Lisbon to Stockholm.
Pedrogão is a small beach town which becomes very quiet during low season.
In the end, we shared accomodation with our intrepid friends that night.
At another motorcycle festival, in Pombal, waiting for the people to arrive.
We got to know people of all shapes and sizes.
Masters of the art competed in the national championship of FREE STYLE which took place after the event.
The good-bye with the whole team of the "Grupo Motard Marquês de Pombal"
View from the tower of the castle of Pombal.
We arrived in the pintoresque town of Barra, and Elke takes a stroll to stretch her legs a bit.
The lighthouse of Barra, seen from the quay.
The sun sets, blessing this couple with a special moment.
The two nocturnal light-givers, getting ready for work.
Typical houses of Barra.
We arrived in Porto, which is known for the wine which carries its name and the special flair of its allies and buildings on the river.
Bridge over the river Douro in Porto.
Even more pleasure for the eyes at night.
On one of the squares of the city.
In the library of the city we dedicated some time to the update of the website.
The square next to the Tower of the Two Clergymen.
A... "porteño"??
Typical balconies in the streets of Porto.
As they say in German: "So süß!!" (so sweet!) (Gustavo)
Douro River
Douro River
Entering Caminha...
...our last town in Portugal... or so we thought...

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