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Lend a hand

How can I lend a hand?
  • Internet access: If you dispose of an internet conection that we could use for a couple of hours, we would be happy! Internet is our number one travel tool.
  • Accommodation: a bed, a sofa, a place to put our mats or our tent would be very welcome!
  • Tools: We always need to fix or improve something or other about the motorcycles or the equipment. Should you dispose of a garage/workshop or tools, they will always be welcome!
  • Translation: we want to tell as many people as possible that it is possible to make dreams come true. If you speak a language other than English, German or Spanish, you could collaborate in the translation of the website. It's simple. We'll just send you some words and phrases via email. Of course you'll be included in the gallery of translators! Gallery of translators
  • Information: Touristic data, places to visit, motorcycle clubs, internet forums, magazines, media, helpful contacts... we can use it all. We are thankful for any information you find useful!
  • Presentation of the voyage: if you know a place where we could hold a presentation of the voyage (slide show), don't hesitate to tell us. Bars, clubs, squares, schools... whatever comes to mind!
  • Medical / dental attention: As we are away from home for so long, we cannot have the regular check-ups. If you are a doctor or dentist, or know somebody who is, it would be essential for us to have a consultation.
  • Water: filling our water tanks is essential for us. Be it drinking-water or water to use for cleaning, every drop is more than welcome! Thanks!
How do I do it?

It's very easy: select below how you would like to help logistically, and we will automatically receive a notification via email. As soon as possible we will get in touch with you. Thank you very much!! Your grain of sand is very valuable for the success of the voyage!

Step 1: Select what you wish to offer

Access to INTERNET
ACCOMMODATION for one night
TRANSLATION of a few phrases
INFORMATION about places
PRESENTATION of the voyage
MEDICAL attention
Fill the WATER tanks

Step 2: Fill in your email, country and any other comment you wish to make:
Your e-mail:
Security code:

Step 3: Click on Send to send your message.

Step 4: In a few days we will get in touch with you via email. Thank you!! A big hug!

Gustavo & Elke

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