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For a few days we changed our motorcycles for another type of vehicle more practical in the snow.
In spite of the cold winter, Berlin is a friendly, warm city with an unending number of things to see and do.
The high number of immigrants gives Berlin a special atmosphere. We especially enjoyed the enormous number of bars and restaurants of all types that can be found throughout the city.
Berlin, building a snowman.
You'll always know whether or not your daughter took the car.
Berlin - Alexanderplatz
The world clock on the Alexanderplatz, Berlin.
In these little huts you can stop for a hot wine (Glühwein) with herbs that drives out the cold (Alexanderplatz, Berlin).
The public transport in Berlin is excellent. Apart from trams, there is a huge subway and train network that never stop working, not even at night.
Berlin- Alexanderplatz
Shall we sit down for a moment?
Berlin- Hackescher Markt
Taking a walk with Rouhia, our friend from Tunesia.
Cathedral of Berlin (Berliner Dom)
The island of museums in Berlin, between two arms of the river Spree that crosses the city.
Rouhia and Elke enjoying the snow.
A Trabbi, the car that was fabricated in East Germany before the fall of the wall.
You can tell it's cold outside.
Berlin- Mitte
Berlin- Mitte
Some snow in Berlin.
In Berlin, the buildings have a special characteristic: courtyards/gardens where people get together and store their bikes, amongst other things.
In spite of the cold in winter, the bicycle is one of the most used vehicles in Berlin.
The Berlin Wall.
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Berlin
Monument for the jewish holocaust - Berlin
Brandenburg Gate
The Paul-Löbe-Haus, one of the new government buildings along the Spree
Parliament (Reichstag)
Dome of the Reichstag
Dome of the Reichstag
The trees get into their party dress for Christmas.
The "Christmas markets" are very typical. You can eat, drink something hot and buy gifts.
Gendarmenmarkt, one of the Christmas markets in Berlin.
Baking "tree cake", named like this because of its rings that result from this form of baking in stages.
Happy New Year!!
The "festival of tree blossoms". All of the inhabitants of Werder (near Berlin) open their gardens to the people and sell homemade fruit wines (Baumblütenfest).
The "TV Tower" (Fernsehturm) and the world time clock (Weltzeituhr)
You can take thousands of pictures with the "Fernsehturm". With its 368m you can see it from practically any part of Berlin.
Cathedral of Berlin (Berliner Dom).
Elke on the streets of Berlin.
Fernsehturm and the dome of the Cathedral.
Cathedral of Berlin
Delicious Brezeln (or Brezen), typical type of bread from south Germany.
Fernsehturm - Berlin
The tower of the "Rote Rathaus", seen from the Alexanderplatz.
Girls waiting for the tram at Alexanderplatz.

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