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We went to the Enduro in Sitges...
...that had a very difficult sand stretch.
I went to Valencia to fetch Elke´s new motorcycle. Beautiful girls in the streets.
In Valencia they were celebrating the Fallas...
...huge statues that are first exhibited and then burnt.
Many streets are covered with thousands of lights.
With "el Persa", Tomás, and the brand-new "Milton", the YBR 125 sponsored by Giovanni Celli.
Back in Barcelona, the sixth change of the crown-wheel of La Garota. Thank you TCR!
The construction of Milton´s boxes begins...
First the bending of the sheets, using a slightly antiquated method,
...but giving good results.
The profiles are riveted at all edges.
The dealer TCR in Sabadell lent us their workshop and tools to do the work.
The last profile is put in place, and...
the boxes for "Milton" are finished!!
The day of the departure with Elke, saying good-bye to Edu and Steffen, very close friends.
Elke: the most courageous...
...and the most beautiful girl.
Tying up the motorcycles on the ferry towards Mallorca.
In Palma de Mallorca, having breakfast at sunrise.
We were invited to the Classical Rallye of Mallorca.
Elke at the presentation of the Rallye.
Presentation of the Classical Rallye of Mallorca.
Elke appears in the newspaper!!!
With Giovanni Celli, our good friend who sponsored the YBR that Elke is driving now.
The more than beautiful Maseratti and Bugatti that Gianni rode at the rallye of Mallorca.
We went for a spin around the island...
...and found these amazing views.
A foto at sunset.
The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.
Going back, the ferry passed by Ibiza.
In Elche...
...famous for its palm trees.
Crossing the province of Murcia.
Entering the promised lands of the south.
El Cuco and Guadalupe, as well as Julian and Lorena, are also travelling around the world on motorcycle.
50.000 km of road travelled!!
Elke does not stay behind with her 1.300!
Province of Cádiz.
We arrived at the race track of Jeréz, and were invited to enter.
At night we pieced together a home-made electrical connection for our equipment.
Exhibiting the voyage during the race.
We also had the chance to see Sete Gibernau...
...and the master Rossi.
The race ends and the exhibition was a success.
More than 50.000 motos come to Jeréz to live the festival.
We stayed near the beach of Chipiona for a few days.
We went for a quick spin around Sevilla...
...we are in a hurry to get to a motorcycle meeting in Portugal.
We say good-bye to beautiful Sevilly and promise to come back with more time.
Here we come, Portugal!!

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