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Valle de Ebo
Going up to Sierra de Guadalupe
I went to Biar to spend the night...
They were celebrating some holiday...
...and I laid down my sleeping bag at the doors of the castle.
Between Yecla and Jumilla
Lost road between Jumilla and Albatana
On the small secondary roads you really get a taste of the rural life.
Some place near Albatana
On top of one of the rivers that feed the Cijara Reservoir these fairy-tale bridges can be found.
The old road leading to Liétor is a lot more exciting than the new highway.
Liétor leaning out over the cliff.
La Garota is enraptured by the landscape between Liétor and Elche de la Sierra.
The rebel sheep leaves the flock to quench her curiosity about motorcycles.
In the altitudes of the Sierra de la Atalaya, near Riópar, the cold of the winter makes itself felt.
I´m in the footsteps of Quijote now, entering Castilla-La Mancha.
Alcaráz, also on the Don Quijote route.
La Garota throws her chain off, protesting that I haven´t given her any attention for many kilometers.
I find a shortcut to get to Lagunas de Ruidera faster.
Night comes upon me in the middle of the fields, and at only 300 km distance from the sea the cold penetrates inexorably.
After a night with -5ºC I saw the magnificent landscape where I was camping.
In his cell of Argamasilla del Alba, Cervantes was held imprisoned and conceived his Quijote.
All over Spain you can find this type of indication on ceramics, in streets and on squares.
Valdepeñas is surrounded by olive trees and vines.
The atypical main square of Almagro.
The river that runs along the entrance to El Robledo.
One of the best roads I have ever taken in my life runs through the Cabañeros Nature Reserve.
This place deserves more time, but I had to go. I memorized it to come back some day.
Some lost road, some place.
The Cijara Reservoir.
Searching for the perfect angle to capture the sunset... one of my favorite pastimes.
The peace of a deserted road.
The convent of Guadalupe is enormous...
...that can be seen from far leaning over the small city.
The main square of Trujillo is one of the most beautiful.
Trujillo, main square.
The saint makes sure that in Cáceres time stands still and the centuries do not pass.

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