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Greece at last!! Hello beaches and palm trees!
Going to Thessaloniki.
A grand exchange. The dream of every boy.
We visited the motorcycle club of Thessaloniki.
The prefect of the city of Thessaloniki bought the DVD of our trip!
Interview at Radio Thessaloniki.
Aristides, Vasileios and Maria accompanied us to Radio Thessaloniki.
Walls of Thessaloniki.
Meeting of the motorcycle group
Vasileios invited us to some fantastic Greek sandwiches. Vasileios and Maria hosted us and became great friends during those two weeks.
We worked all day, but in the afternoon we took a break at the beach.
Near Thessaloniki, with our friend Vasileios
Frapé, the Greek national drink (coffee with ice)
The MyBike group invited us out on a day trip. We rode through the mountains on the motorbikes all day.
Vasileios with his brand-new KTM RC8
Ruins of where Alexander the Great is said to have started his conquest of the world
We found Greek cakes and sweets to be among the best in the world.
All types of sweets and pastries.
Greek cakes, how delicious!
Ruins of the ancient Thessaloniki.
We left the city and advanced towards the east.
We passed Volvi lake.
Stopping at Volvi lake.
A lovely afternoon.
We stop along a few beaches in the eastern part of Greece, even if only to have a quick look.
A beach near Kavala.
We drove along a small road going along the sea.
We drank a frapé waiting for our friend Babis who contacted us through the internet.
The motorcycles resting from the greek heat.
Babis surprised us: he let us use his trailer on the beach for a few days!
Elke christening her bikini that she bought in Poland.
I know it sounds incredible, but there are few times when we find the time to read.
Babis preparing a fire to cook dinner.
The first time in more than two years that we spent a day at the beach.
Two days later we continued towards Turkey and passed more touristic beaches on the way.
Replicas of orthodox churches remind us of the ones who did not survive this road.
Nea Peramos, in the east of Greece.
Saying good-bye to the Aegean Sea.
Last kilometres on the roads of Greece.

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