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Let's get to know Montenegro! (Crna Gora = black mountain)
Kotor Bay
Elke circling Kotor Bay.
Is there a better place for a cup of coffee?
View of Kotor Bay
Kotor Bay
We stopped to take a few pictures.
We could have stayed here for hours, just watching.
The stone walls around the bay can be quite intimidating.
We reached the walled city of Kotor, a world heritage site.
The city of Kotor.
We stopped to gaze at this beautiful beach, but our camera lenses discovered that it was a nudist beach.
We reached Budva, another place with a very well-kept walled old town.
Elke ready to hit the road.
Island-hotel of Sveti Stefan
This night we camped in the back yard of a carwash business.
We crossed the mountains in the interior of the country, travelling towards Kosovo.
The mountains of Montenegro seem like they were made to be discovered on motorcycle.
The beauty of the tunnels.
Elke glides along one of the infinite number of tunnels.
A rest with an amazing view.
Good-bye, friends!
We continued to climb along Montenegro towards Kosovo.
We stopped to buy lunch.
We were told the road to Andrejvice was dangerous and that it was closed, but curiosity won.
We started to climb the mountains.
We crossed rivers of meltwater.
The road turns into a dirt road and we have to dodge the animals.
Due to landslides we had to take some detours.
Incredible mixture of pine trees of different tonalities.
The light of dusk creates a fairy-tale atmosphere.
We continue our road along the mountains of Montenegro.
We're surprised by the snowcapped peaks.
A landslide leaves only half of the road.
We asked a man for the way and he invited us to sleep in the house that he is building.
The man lives in Andrejvice, and he guides us there in his car.
We continued to dodge all types of obstacles.
Travelling at "cow velocity"
On our way we greet a pig family.
In the house that our friend let us spend the night in.
We left Andrejvice to reach Kosovo on this day.
We got lost on the small roads and had no idea which way we were going.
When we reached the border, we did not know whether we were entering Kosovo or Serbia.

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