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We enter Belgium for the first time with "Monstro", a Yamaha XJ900 that our friend Vicente from Paris lent us.
With "Monstro" we are on our way to a motorcycle traveller rallye of Horizons Unlimited.
We met Sjaak Lucassen, and his Yamaha R1 on which he road around the world.
All types of crazy travellers on two wheels arrive to camp in the small village of Belgium.
"Monstro" between two BMWs.
Our host's castle in Widooie (Belgium) where the Horizons Unlimited meeting was held.
The BMW of Grant and Susan Johnson, two of the pioneers of travelling the world on motorcycle.
The BMW of Grant and Susan Johnson
It was enriching to meet travellers with different philosophies regarding the planning (or not) of a trip.
Sjaak Lucassen has to keep in shape in order to fit on his R1. Sjaak travelled through all types of terrain during 5 years on his R1.
From left to right: Martin Clarkson (through Africa on his BMW GS650), Sjaak Lucassen, Grant Johnson (4 continents on his BMW, founder of Horizons Unlimited(
We found beautiful landscapes on our way back to Paris, where "La Garota" and "Milton" were waiting for us to continue the trip.
Reunited with our inseparable best friends, we enter Belgium again, trying to reach the north before the winter does.
After travelling in the XJ900, we enjoy the pleasure of taking in the landscape at a slow pace, a gift from our small motorcycles.
Belgian soldiers who fell in WWI.
A Belgian city, whose name eludes us at the moment.
Brugge (Bruges), one of the most beautiful cities we have ever seen.
If you think about travelling to north-west Europe, don't miss Bruges.
Allthough the city is swarming with tourists, it is definitely worth visiting!
The architecture in Bruges is sometimes a bit extravagant, like this tower, which stunned us with its deproportion.
The Belgians are said to have the best fries, and Bruges is definitely not a bad place to enjoy them.
Another view of Bruges main square.
Bruges reflecting itselt in its numerous canals.
On our motorcycles we reached a quite corner of Bruges.
Spring would definitely be a better time of year to stop here for a coffee.
I swear this is a photo. It's not a page of a fairy-tale book.
The skyline is enchanting.
The town hall of Bruges.
Townhall and post office of Bruges.
Is this a memorial of the Bruges Matins?
The belfry of the Belfort stands out between the medieval style houses.
The whole historical centre of Bruges is a pedestrian zone, which makes it a pleasure to stroll about.
The Belgian people take pride in their production of fine chocolates.
Bruges maintains the medieval architectural structures well.
The misterious beauty of Bruges.
Bruges (in Dutch: Brugge, in French: Bruges) comes from the ancient Norwegian "Bryggia" (bridges, piers, moorings)
Like Amsterdam and Stockholm, Bruges is known as the Venice of the north thanks to the large number of beautiful canals that run through the city.
The historic centre of Bruges was declared World Heritage in the year 2000.
Nothing more romantic than taking your boy/girlfriend in a gondola at night to this door.
The city of Bruges counts more than 50 bridges.
People traverse the city on their bicycles, in horse carriages or in vessels on its canals
We stayed at Anne-Marie and Marc's house. Anne-Marie knits the lace which is typical for the city.
Hundreds of hours and thousands of knots are required to fabricate a piece of lace.
In Ghent (Gent) we fled from the rain that was pursuing us.
With Ghent we discovered another beautiful city, although less touristy than Bruges.
Old well-kept mindmills can be found in Belgium.
In Ghent you find everything from medieval castles to gothic churches, and numerous squares and parks.
Riding through a number of small towns in the rain we arrived in Brussels.
Brussels is the headquarters of the main institutions of the European Union.
The neo-gothic "house of the king", which today accommodates the City Museum.
The streets of Belgium invite you to have a coffee.
The Grand Place (main square) of Brussels.
Townhall on the Grand Place (Dutch: Grote Markt) of Brussels.
Brussels' main square is one of the most famous main squares of Europe because of its beauty and decoration.
The most delicious waffles in the world, a Belgian specialty.
New York has the statue of liberty, Paris the Eiffel tower, and Brussels has.... Manneken Pis.
The antique survives next to the modern.
Elke's favourite park in Brussels.
The tower of the townhall, seen from one of the seven streets that lead to the main square.
In 1695 the main square was destroyed completely, but reconstructed lated maintaining the original style.
A Citroen Ami 8. It reminds me of the one my parents had in their youth.
Before hitting the road again we refresh the motorcycles with new oil.
Antwerp was the last Belgian city we visited before continuing towards Holland.
Antwerp has a beautiful old centre, but not quite as picturesque as the ones of Brussels, Bruges and Ghent.

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