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Fotografii: Tari > Spania > Pingüinos 2006

Pingüinos is the largest motorcycle meeting in winter in Europa.
It was funny to be the first to arrive at Pingüinos.
The newspaper "Norte de Castilla"
From Tuesday on we camped in the pine forest: Pier, El Pollo, Ana and me.
We began to brun the 200.000 kg of firewood that had been prepared to combat the cold.
Never more than 2 meters away from the fire..
I never suffered from lack of provisions.
Night, tents, and the smoke of the campfires.
From France came this excentric sidecar.
Many Portuguese, French and Italiand at the party.
La Garota is also freezing.
French friends, always with their Pastis.
With my green namesake.
La Garota in exposicion.
Antonio from Sevilla
With Emilio Scotto
Selling Cds and postcards, my only means of financing the voyage.
Burning the "fallla"
March of the torches
Barón Rojo playing at Pingüinos...
...also celebrating their 25th anniversary.
Thousands of motorcycles and tents in Boecillo.
Didier goes back to his home in France.
Interesting systems of shock-absorption.
Comfort on two wheels.
Trophy of recognition, thank you Pingüinos!
With my friend Gabriel Knuchel
The end of the party.

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