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We entered Spain again along the Galician coast. We got off the ferry in La Guarda and rode on towards Baiona and Vigo.
In Vigo we stayed with Favio and María, old and very beloved friends from Argentina.
With Gonzalo's family we spent some unforgettable days in their barbecue restaurant on the beach of playa Area Grande in O Grove.
Exploring the province of Ourense in Galicia I came to a very special place:
What a great feeling! The little village where my grandmother was born... Puente Melón, in Ourense.
Sequeros, one of the little villages crossing the Sierra de Peña of France.
Crossing the Sierra de Gredos is extraordinary. In the photo: Navacepeda.
On the Pico de Gredos.
In Madrid, a flat tyre just when I had a date with...
...Javier Crespo, a fantastic dentist and motorcyclist who filled a cavity for me and extracted two wisdom teeth. Three birds killed with one stone. thank you Javier!
In Terrassa, the Dental Clinic Can Parellada left me as good as new... Thank you very much!
You can visit them at: www.dentalcanparellada.es
In Tordesillas...
...you can visit the house of the famous treaty which is the reason for why Gustavo speaks Spanish today.
The River Sil carves its way between the hillsides where the white grape for the typical local Ribeiro wine is cultivated.
Canyons of the River Sil.
There are some paths that wind along the banks of the Sil. It is difficult to find them, especially when the locals only talk in Gallego.
One of the last crossing points over the river.
On this beach we lived for quite some days with the "Tango Family". We had the most delicious chops and sausages every day... Thank you for so much kindness!
The viewpoint of O Grove.
Modifying a few details of the motorcycle...
...namely installing two front boxes for tools, which will also distribute the weight better.
Visiting the "bateas", where mussels are grown. In the rias of the region (Baixas rias) 80% of the European mussels are cultivated.
Long ropes hang from the bateas; there the tiny mussels are implanted and harvested after one year or more.
The seagulls snatch the mussels from the hands of the tourists, even with the ship moving along quickly and a lot of wind.
The man shows one of the ropes where the mussels grow.
Looking for a place to sleep, we came across this gym. And believe it or not, this night was...
...the last night of the World Cup of 2006!!
The motorcycle club "Sentolos Rasing" of O Grove gave us a warm welcome...
... accompanying us on the route from Pontevedra to O Grove.
Thanks to Yamandú for the organization...
...and to Eduardo for these excellent photos.
On the townhall square we gave a slide show for the motorcyclists and the community.
O Grove, Espanha:
O Grove - Parrilla Tango
Rambla Restaurante
O Grove - Fiesta del Marisco

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Parrilla Tango Rambla Restaurante
O Grove Merendero D'Pepe

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