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Goa beaches are one of the few quiet places of India...
...until you arrive at the downtown beach where all the locals gather.
Indians play like kids and only a few wear bathing-suits.
Women are always nicely dressed and arranged.
Maybe it's their first time at the beach.
It is amazing how grown-ups can play and have fun, even more than children.
Bracelets and gold accessories worn by women are culturally important.
Indian people are cheerful and curious by nature.
We stayed at Baga beach for a few days.
We rented two Royal Enfields to feel that unique sensation.
One of the famous trains of India, crossing Goa, the only state which was colonized by the Portuguese.
The Royal Enfields took us to the Palolem beaches, south Goa.
The serenity experienced there is priceless. Cows and dogs double humans.
Some locals still earn their living by fishing.
Little beach of Anjuna.
Playing with cars? No, little fishing boats, dropping the nets.
A fishing boat reaches the shore.
A cow dies at the beach. Hours later it is buried with honours and flowers.
This lady rented us the room where we stayed during our month at Palolem beach.
When night comes, a little more of relax in one of our favourite bars.
Having tea with ginger and milk at the fishermen's place.
The fishing season is over; now it's time for net mending.
Too many holes to sow.
Working in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is not bad at all.
Fishing from the shore.
The first scenes of The Bourne Supremacy were filmed at Palolem beach.
You have to pull for a couple of hours to get the net out of the water.
Half of the fishing is blowfish (the yellow ones) and it is discarded.
Cows walk freely along beaches and streets.
Garota enjoys a period of leisure for a whole month.
We named her "Princess" and she joined us every day wherever we went.
The sun goes down in Palolem and the only thing you can do is enjoy life.
Sunset at Palolem.
Celebration of Ganesh Festival. Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles.
We went from home to home offering Ganesh musical pieces and food.
The food offered to Ganesh is also shared among the visitors.
Mumbai, or the city of extreme contrasts.
If you park your bike early, you will have to wait for a while to get it out.
Jaipur, "the pink city", is the capital of the Rajasthan state.
Jaipur is completely painted in pink, this color is a symbol of hospitality.
For sending books by post, you have to go to the local employee to have them sown into a white piece of cloth.
Jaipur was painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1905.
Streets are shared. Here, she has the right of way.
India is the kingdom of small ventures; survival is based on creativity.
Monkeys are sacred animals in India.
The rickshaw is the typical means of transportation.
Elke in one avenue of Jaipur.
Rickshaw drivers.
Street stallholders in Jaipur.
Touring Jaipur.
We had to repair one of the box holders in Elke's bike.
Dromedaries and camels are frequently seen at the northeast of India.
On the road towards Agra.
We had a break for a cup of tea. The man arranged his mustache and stood up for the picture.
In India there is not a single space of deserted land.
Filling up our tanks to make it to Agra.
We weren't able to figure out what was being cultivated here.
Hinduism considers the cow as the mother of mankind for the nutrient it produces: milk.
In Agra, the Taj Mahal.
Having the Taj Mahal right in front of our eyes was more appealing than we had ever imagined.
The coloured dresses stand out against the Taj.
The color that marble gives to the Taj is quite difficult to explain: it resembles a drawing.
Emperor Sha Jahan built the Taj Mahal in honour of his wife, who died giving birth to their 14th son.
It took 20,000 men to build this mausuleum.
The emperor was planning to build a black replica for himself on the other side of the river.
The "sari" is a traditional strip of cloth worn by millions of Indian women.
We kept our sight fixed on the magical Taj until the sun went down.
Travelling, no matter how, that's the highest law.
We inquired on some alternative roads to avoid a big flood in our way.
It is frequent to see turned over trucks on the road. In India "driving" is a synonym for "madness".
We had several episodes of diarrhea and fever during our two-month stay in India.
This happens when you stop for a minute in India. They are the most curious people of the world.
Little school.
Small venture 1: the tobacco store.
Coming closer to the flood caused by the breaking of the dams in Nepal.
Water was no problem for us, but was just the opposite for millions of people who became homeless.
Small venture 2: the kiosk.
Heading for Nepalgunj.
Small venture 3: the tailor.
Small venture 4: the hair-dresser.
Elke wanted to buy a bottle of water and she won a hundred smiles back.
We sent our books by the "cheap" post service: it cost us a bargain but they never reached their destination.
Near the border with Nepal.
Nepalgunj: border India - Nepal.

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