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Entering from the Basque country we travelled through the south of France.
We were surprised by how well-kept the castles are...
...compared to those that can still be seen in Spain.
We spent the first night hiding in a small forest.
In the outskirts of Perpignan we saw the first vine fields.
Fantastic castles flank the roads to Paris.
We travelled along the highway for a few kilometres to accelerate the pace.
We noticed that the cities are meticulously well-kept and clean.
Over a valley of Millau towers the highest bridge in the world, with a height of more than 340m.
The roads are well-equipped with public service areas.
The antique Viaduct of Garabit, designed by Gustave Eiffel.
These gates are really enjoying their walk.
We turned into smaller and smaller roads until we found this nice refuge to sleep.
Saint-Flour, a lovely city in the south of France.
This photo shows the "lower disctrict" and the "upper district" of Saint-Flour.
"Upper district" of Saint-Flour.
A strong shower surprised us on the road and we seeked shelter.
On the streets of Clermont we searched for open Wi-Fi connections to check our emails.
The beauty of the hay bales, despite the sinister destiny of those whom they serve as food.
At sundown we looked for a small route where to camp.
We stopped in this small village of three houses. Elke concentrates on her computer tasks.
Now the village counts four houses!
Finally we approach Paris...
...where I meet again with Jeremy...
...a good friend whom I had not seen since Manaos, Brasil.
We stayed at his house for some days. "Here's the key" he said, handing us a rope to climb through the window.
With Julien and Jeremy, two great crazy guys with whom I spent fabulous days in Brasil.
The famous gothic cathedral of Notre Dame.
How many times did I dream about this picture!
Pantheon of Paris.
The Louvre Museum
Arc de Triomphe and Champs Élysées
The pyramid of the Louvre
The Carrousel garden
Arc de Triomphe of the Carrousel. In the back: The Louvre Museum.
At night the Eiffel tower sparkles, lit by thousands of bright blinking lights.
Office area La Defense.
Gustave Eiffel had intentions of contructing his tower in Barcelona, but the city council of the city rejected the project, which seemed ugly and expensive to them.
In Paris the construction was accepted for the Expo. The Parisians thought it was a horrible construction, and only its utility as an antenna saved it from demolition.
Nowadays it is considered a beauty among the famous buildings and has captured our eyes as well.
At night Paris illuminates with magic.
Paris is a very monumental city.
The gardens of the palace of Versalles seem unending.
With the help of Vicente we took the heart of La Garota apart.
She was consuming too much oil and we decided to change the piston rings.
This T-Shirt travelled with me on the motorcycle for two years, without ever being used...
...the only aim being to hand it over to Jeremy at our long awaited reunion in Paris.
Vicente lent us his Yamaha XJ-900 to travel to Belgium.
The futuristic office area of La Defense.
The modest moto-taxis of Paris.
The Arc del Triomphe. Another photo I dreamed of.
Which is more beautiful?
View from the gardens of the Palais de Chaillot.
Everything is beauty in the streets of Paris.
The Arc del Triomphe, seen from the Eiffel tower.
Typical Paris buildings.
The river Seine
A nightly view of the Eiffel tower.
We left Paris behind and camped on our way to Belgium.
The sun says good-night, endowing us with this painting in the sky.
60.000 kilometres! The voyage initially planned to last 20 days is taking a bit longer than I thought.
On the road again! Every evening turns into an adventure...
...until we find an adequate place to camp.
The city of Cassel, in the north of France.
We are happy because we will enter a new country soon: Belgium.
Good-bye France! ¡Au revoir!

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