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Foto: Paesi > Croazia

Croatia! We had heard so many good things about this country. Let's go!
Old city, Zagreb.
Leftovers of the Balcan War.
When will we finally learn our lesson - NO WAR!!
From Zagreb we took a road that led south.
Looking for accomodation in a small village.
Gracac, where we met a motorcyclist who led us to a motorcycle club party.
From Gracac we followed the road further south to Knin, where the party was about to begin.
Road from Gracac to Knin.
Many kilometres of riding along the mountains.
Our motorcyclist friend guided us to the motorcycle party.
Anniversary of the Stormriders motorcycle club in Knin.
The Stormriders of Knin gave us a place to sleep.
Working in the gym in Knin.
Continuing south from Knin.
Heading for the Perucko jezero, a great mirror of water.
Perucko jezero
Perucko jezero
We continued our way towards Split, where the motorcycles would be serviced.
From Split we drove along the winding coast of the Adriatic Sea towards Makarska.
Selling DVDs at a motorcycle meeting in Makarska.
Makarska, motorcycle meeting.
Acrobatics in a sidecar.
We continued our way along the coastal road towards Dubrovnik.
The coasts of Croatia are breathtaking.
Driving to Dubrovnik.
Walled city of Dubrovnik.
Good-bye Croatia! We're travelling further south.

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