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Photos: Pays > Espagne > Cáceres - Barcelona

The huge Cathedral leans out over the monumental city of Plasencia.
Near La Pesga, on top of the Gabriel and Galán Reservoir
Has this motorcyclist been reading too much Don Quijote?
The Peña de Francia.
Going up to the Peña de Francia
The last of the unending s-curves going up to La Alberca
On the top of the Peña de Francia it seems as though you were in a different world, frozen in time.
The monastery on the top of the Peña de Francia.
The wind is perseverant there.
The tranquil life of the villages in the interior of Spain.
Monsagro, on op of the Sierra de Francia
Sunset in Ciudad Rodrigo
Night inCiudad Rodrigo.
The house where my grandfather was born.
Main square of Salamanca.
Patio of the House of Shells, Salamanca.
The House of Shells, in Salamanca.
University of Salamanca.
Going up to the Peña de Francia.
City walls of Avila.
José María García, a few days before starting in the Lisbon-Dakar Rallye.
El Escorial.
At Pingüinos 2006 there were more than 26.100 participants.
With Javier in Aranda de Duero.
Aranda de Duero.
Cadena SER, Radio Aranda.

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