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We found Greek cakes and sweets to be among the best in the world.

We found Greek cakes and sweets to be among the best in the world.
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by Perez Torres Andres - Lyon - France - 06-May-2013, 06:02:14 PM

Tienda del Fabricante de Bolsas




by ΜΠΑΜΠΗΣ.ΝΙΝ - ΞΑΝΘΗ - Greece - 18-Mar-2013, 08:17:03 PM

πολυ νοστιμα τα φαγατε ολα?

by norma - ciudadautonoma de buenos aires - Argentina - 14-Jul-2010, 06:45:40 PM

me encanta todo mi abuela era griega y hacia unas riquisimas masita llamadas creo que travados con nueces y canela banados con arope UDS, me podrian enviar la receta les agradeceria muy atentos y gracias

by ΣΤΑΘΗΣ - ΞΑΝΘΗ - Greece - 21-Jun-2009, 06:21:33 PM


by Vasileios - Thessaloniki - Greece - 27-Jan-2009, 05:47:02 PM

Mr Iordanis from the bakery shop "Rodini" sends you all his best!

I told him your news a couple of days ago and he was very happy to hear that you got together with your brother!

�γ. �αλέ�ια.. ά��α να �άνε! ���ή η βι��ίνα είναι κά�� α�� �ο ��ί�ι μο�!

by Βαλερια - Αθηνα - Greece - 24-Jan-2009, 07:26:04 PM

τι μου κανετε ειμαι και σε διαιτα...πωπωωωωω _ο παραδεισος_

by Anonymous - -- Other -- - 02-Dec-2008, 07:24:30 AM

que rico!!!!!!!

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