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We looked for a place to spend the night. Luxembourg is an extremely peaceful, tranquil country.
We asked a family for permission to put up our tent on their plot.
In spite of its small size, Luxembourg has a low demographic density compared with its neighbours in north-west Europe.
The Grand Ducal Palace, residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg (Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy)
Luxembourg is the only country left in the world ruled by a Grand Duke.
A large part of the population is made up of immigrants (40% in 2005).
In Luxembourg the people speak Luxembourgish, French and German.
Every language has its area: Luxembourgish is spoken at home, French is the language of documents and business and German is spoken in the media and the church.
Elementary school begins in Luxembourgish, continues in German, then high school is held in French with the children receiving English classes as well.
The Adolphe Bridge is called "the new bridge", although it is more than 100 years old. "The old bridge" is a few years older.
The city of Luxembourg is one of the richest in the world and is developing as a bank and financial centre.
60% of the population of the capital of Luxembourg are foreigners. They come from 143 different countries, whereas portuguese predominate.
Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

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